Our stories connect us.

Every block tells a story

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Our stories connect us.

We all have stories, and many of those stories are interwoven with the stories of others. 

Whether you are looking for a snarky saying to give to that friend who is on the same sarcasm level as you are, or if you're looking for a motivational quote to help someone through a hard time, we've got your back. 

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"I received my first Daisy Thirteen block as a gift. I was quite surprised to see it had a photo on it because I had previously thought they only did quotes. It was a wonderful, personal gift that I will cherish forever. I have since ordered custom made blocks. Daisy Thirteen offers excellent product and prompt service!!"


"The rustic nature of Daisy Thirteen blocks means that they can fit in virtually any décor. Whether you are looking for something inspirational, cheeky or just downright funny – they have it! On several occasions I have kept the blocks I had bought for other people – yes, they are that nice!"

- Michelle