Organizing FAQ

 My goal is to empower you to make lasting changes that work for you, and that begins with answering your questions.  

Q: Do I need to buy a bunch of containers?
A: Nope! You don't have to spend any extra money of you don't want to. I've used all kinds of things to contain smaller items, from ice cream containers to random boxes. If you would like to have everything matchy-matchy, you can definitely do that, but it's not necessary. I will bring a label-maker, and some larger labels that we can stick to containers.

Q: How long will it take? 
A: It depends... this is something we can discuss during the phone appointment. Each space will take a different amount of time, and it's hard to predict ahead of time. If you can provide me with some photos of the space beforehand, I will do my best to give you an estimated time, as well as check in with you during the session to see where we're at. I want you to get the best value for your money, so I'll do my best to keep us focused and on task. 

Q: Should I tidy up before you come? 
A: Please don't! I am not here to judge, and seeing your house the way it usually is allows me to see where you are struggling. 

Q: Will you just come into my house and organize, without me there? 
A: At this time, this isn't something that I offer. I believe that an organizing system is much more effective when the homeowner is there to witness the process, so that they understand the reasoning behind it. 

Q: Will you clean my house? 
I don't offer house cleaning services, but if we're emptying the entire pantry, it just makes sense to run a rag over everything, so you might want to have that handy. 

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