mini distressed black wood sign with the text "you can't polish a turd"
mini whitewashed wood sign with the text "you can't polish a turd"
Sizing photo for 3 inch square small sign showing the sign in a hand.
Colour chart for small wood block signs.
Sample imperfections that our unique block signs may contain, such as knots, bumps, and rounded corners.

Small Wooden Sign - You can't polish a turd

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You can't polish a turd.

Perfect for adding a touch of snark and personality to your space, our mini wood signs are the perfect accessory for your shelf, side table, night stand, desk, or windowsill. Add a touch of humour to a separation or divorce... because sometimes a turd is just a turd. 

No more agonizing over where to put that hole in your wall because our free-standing quote blocks can be placed anywhere. Don't like it in that spot? Just pick it up and move it. 

Each block is made from wood off-cuts left over from the construction of new houses. We work with local construction companies to reduce the amount of framing lumber off-cuts going to the landfill.


  • Free-standing, so no need to damage your walls
  • Available in 2 colour options to fit into any decor
  • Made from salvaged construction lumber to reduce waste
  • Small size makes it the perfect accessory to add a touch of snark to your home
  • Over 100 pre-designed quotes to choose from

Place on a desk, dresser, shelf, night table, kitchen counter, side table, window sill... or wherever! 

Approximate Dimensions:
Width- 3" (7.5cm)
Height- 3" (7.5cm)
Thickness- 1.5" (3.5cm)

      There are 2 colour options (see photos for samples):
      Distressed Black 

        Wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth. 
        Blocks are intended for indoor use.

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